Interpreters Direct Contact is the result of many years (since 1991) of work experience in the interpreting and translating sector. It is evident how difficult it can be to find the right interpreter as fast as possible, who is available at the moment. Neither the internet nor the long lists of interpreters were capable to solve this problem. Even if you found someone qualified enough to do the job, you still have to spend a long time on the phone which feels like an eternity, trying to contact him or her. Often you have to put up with long waiting or travelling time. Often enough you don't get to talk to the interpreter himself/herself. Instead you get referred to an agent, who of course wants to make a gain from the interpreter’s work. It is very common, that these agents get up to 50% of the fee. The client is forced to pay horrendous prices for a service, the quality of which does not justify the price. There also are organizational problems due to the fact, that the whole communication is done via a third person. This brand new app now makes it possible to directly get into contact with an interpreter, who not only is available, but also is located close to your location. We wish you a lot of success with our new app and above all, that it may be great relief for your daily businesses!

Information for the users: The search for interpreters with the IDC-app is completely for FREE. There is no registration required. The only thing required for using the functions of our app, is to activate the localization function on your mobile phone.
Information for the interpreters: To be listed and able to be found via the app, the interpreters must pay a fee. If you have the capacity to take new clients, just switch to ''green'' on the app (''green''=available) and activate your localization modus. (c.f. Information for users). Our app shows the distance between you and your client only on a rough scale. < 5 km, < 20 km, < 60 km and > 60 km. Your exact location will not be transmitted. It is used only for calculation purposes and is deleted after 10 minutes. To provide you with the possibility of direct contact, the mobile number (as well as the e-mail address, if desired) is visible during the searching process. Every interpreter is responsible for the content of his/her individual profile. IDC reserves the right to randomly request information about the interpreter’s qualification, if necessary.
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