Interpreters Direct Contact is the result of over 30 years of age professional experience in the translation services industry. The idea of creating Interpreters Direct Contact is based on the difficulty that is constantly created by the search for a suitable translator who is available.

We value the experience, professionalism, and dedication of every single translator and in our effort to save you boring search for a free one, we decided to join forces and create a site and a free app which are useful both for the customers and interpreters.

Thanks to the realization of this idea, we give you the opportunity to quickly and easy to provide direct contact with high-level qualified interpreters who are not only available now but is located near you.

We appreciate any visitor who has chosen to use our site or free app and hence we provide the opportunity to:

  • free registration
  • direct contact - without an intermediary and without additional fees for intermediary
  • activities
  • the opportunity to be visible at any time, which interpreters are available
  • selection of over 100 licensed interpreters - only in Inter-dc.com, you can find the nearest translator next to you + picture of a location or map

We wish you success in using the site and application and above all we hope to facilitate your daily work!

Information for users: The search for interpreters with the IDC-app is completely for FREE. There is no registration required. The only thing required for using the functions of our app, is to activate the localization function on your mobile phone.

Information for interpreters:

When you have the opportunity to accept a new order and talk to a potential customer, in front of your information in the IDC application you will have a green designation = free. It is essential to enable phone localization. The app shows only approximately the distance to the translator:

< 5 km, < 20 km, < 60 km and < 100 km.

Location is not indicated but is used only for the calculation of the distance, after 10 minutes it will be deleted. To be able to connect directly, the search number of your mobile phone and the optional e-mail address. For the information referred to in the translator`s profile is answered by the translator himself. IDC reserves the right, where appropriate, to require the submission of certificates proving the qualifications of the translator.